Afternoon at Arch Cape

Still working through Oregon photos.  ;-)

We spent a chunk of the Summer of 2015 in Oregon, and I came home with about 9,000 photos.  I will probably be working through them for years, which is ok by me.  I love diving back into the library and seeing what awaits.  It's sort of like a virtual return to the wonderful spots we saw.

If you haven't been to Oregon, I highly recommend a visit at least once.  Especially along the coastline, which is stunningly beautiful, you can really enjoy nature and capture some fabulous shots.  In fact, I put a list together here on the blog if you want to check it out.

Top Photo Spots On The Oregon Coast

I have been fortunate enough to visit there several times, and always enjoy it.  It feels like you are in a movie or something...just so much natural beauty.  Today I share a pair of photos I captured on the beach at Arch Cape, Oregon one afternoon.  It's a tiny little hamlet just outside of Cannon Beach, and since we stayed in this area we were on this beach almost daily.  Good times.