A cafe in Paris

Exploring the subtle beauty of Paris!

We just wrapped up a lovely stay in Paris - one that had me taking several thousand photos - and headed back to the US.  It was a great trip, and I have some images that I am proud of.  I find Paris to be an incredibly beautiful city.  Even the parts that aren't frequented by tourists are just gorgeous.  The grand avenues and distinct architecture just mesmerize me.

But there's another thing in Paris that I love, and that is the cafes.  I don't visit a lot of them, but I photograph a TON of them.  I just love them.  I'm sure many others do as well.  There is just something about wandering the streets of Paris, especially in the early evening around twilight, and firing away at these gems.

I captured this one right by Sainte Chapelle which itself is quite near Notre Dame.  There's a great little area to explore over there, right by the Cite Metro stop (which itself is well worth photographing!).  I spent a little time here shooting away, until apparently I got in the way or something, because the Police stopped me and asked me a few questions, and told me I could not shoot here.  Oh well, I was finished.  ;-)

This is a single exposure that was edited using my new presets for Luminar.  If you missed that bit of news, you can read about it here.  Below is a Before/After comparison so you can see what you are able to achieve with this preset pack.  Thanks for looking!