The Power of Luminar tutorial

I put together a short video showing how powerful Luminar is - check it out!

It's no secret that I love Luminar, the new photo editing app from Macphun.  I have been using it on just about EVERYTHING lately, and boy is it powerful.  I am able to create so many different looks in just a couple of quick minutes.  All it takes is some experimentation and I always end up with something fun, interesting and beautiful.

Today's photo and video is a great example of that.  I recently shared a video about how you can easily replace a sky in Luminar.  You know, swap out a boring sky for a lovely sunset.  It's quick and easy.  But then I started thinking about instead of putting in a better sunset, how about putting in a NIGHT SKY?  You know, a little Milky Way action could look cool, right?

Well, it does look pretty awesome I think!

I took the below photo of the Loop 360 Bridge in Austin and added in a photo of the Milky Way that I took some years back along the coast of Oregon.  I then added in a couple of my new Luminar presets, and BAM!  I had an entirely new image.  

Here is the base image.  Not a bad shot, but I wanted to try something fun with the sky.

And here is the image after adding in a few sky, applying a couple of presets, and making some minor adjustments in Luminar.  It's like an entirely new photo!

Here's the video showing how I create this photo...

Follow along as I edit an image in Luminar by Macphun. I demonstrate key techniques such as sky replacement, gradient mask, transform tool, presets, filters and even object removal. It's a bit of everything! I also completely revamp this image in the process. Check it out!

Quick and easy, right?  I love doing this stuff - it's so much fun!

If you don't have Luminar yet, you can get it here on the Macphun website.  Or, just click on the little banner below and it will take you to their site.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have any questions!