Alsatian sunset

I caught the most beautiful sunset in Strasbourg!

I love it when I get a great sunset, and doubly so when I am somewhere beautiful.  On our recent trip to France, we spent a couple of nights in Strasbourg, which is a couple of hours away from Paris via train.  We wanted to visit the town to see the Christmas markets, which are awesome by the way!  (And yes, I have a lot of photos of them, too).

But first, I just had to share a photo from a gorgeous sunset I was able to shoot there.  There is a beautiful section of Strasbourg called Petite France and all the architecture is sort of German looking.  I walked ALL OVER this area, firing away like a madman.

As sunset approached, I could see this gorgeous light coming together and so I ran over to this bridge where I was able to get this view over the river with the architecture, some reflections and the gorgeous light.  All in all, a pretty nice way to spend some time!