Get My Free Luminar “Magic Hour” Preset Pack and Workspace!

A Free Luminar Preset Pack and Workspace Designed Specifically for the Magic Hours of Photography!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been spending a lot of time working with the new Luminar app from Macphun.  I write about it here on the blog, I have done some videos about it on YouTube and I post about it on Facebook.  The more I use it the more I find to love about it.  I even created a preset pack for it (named Wanderlust because it was inspired by my travels), which has been rather popular.  Missed that one?  You can read about it right here.

Don't have Luminar?  Get it right here.  Or download a free trial and try it out!  Or click the banner below.  You have options!  ;-)

Even though my Wanderlust preset pack was just published, I have been working hard on creating even more presets.  I love using presets and there is just so much flexibility in Luminar.  In fact, I have a bunch of new presets I have been working on that are inspired by my recent trip to France.  But, that’s news for another day (and likely in January, anyways).  So you will hear more about that later.

Introducing Magic Hour, a free preset pack and workspace!

Right now I want to talk about a new, different preset pack: Magic Hour.  While I have been working on the France-inspired presets, I kept coming back to the idea of creating a workspace and some presets that I would use on sunset-type shots.  So after some experimentation I settled on and created a workspace and then a couple of sunset presets, and that was that. 

But I couldn’t let it go - it just didn’t seem finished - so I came back to it again and again, and started adapting it for the rest of the magic hours that we love so much as photographers, to include blue hour, golden hour and twilight.  They are all just variations on a theme anyways, and are all built on the same workspace.  So it just seemed that adding those made sense.

I was trying to figure out how to release this pack, since it’s not nearly as large as my previous preset packs (which each have 25 presets), and it didn’t seem fair to charge for it anyways, since I didn’t plan to add any more to it, and I admit there is not a ton of variation between them all.  It felt complete, so here it is.  I hope you enjoy it.

So as a “thank you” to everyone out there who has been so supportive of my work, I thought I would just release this mini-pack of 8 presets for free.  I also created a workspace for this, and that’s a free download, too.  So THANK YOU for the support, enjoy the presets and the workspace, and have fun creating your own beautiful photographs.

Note: These presets and workspace were created prior to the launch of the new Golden Hour filter in Luminar, so it is not part of the workspace or presets.  Obviously you can add it if you would like to, but I wanted to clarify that it was not left out for any reason other than the fact that it didn't exist when these were created.  ;-)

Download link and installation instructions!

You can download both the preset pack and the workspace right here.

Note: Your download will include a single zip file.  Open it and you will have 2 files: one is the preset pack (Magic Hour-2.mplumpack) and the other is the workspace (Magic Hour.plist).  To install the preset pack, open Luminar and choose File>Add Custom Presets Pack.  A window will open allowing you to choose this preset pack from your desktop.  It will show up as its own category in the Presets window.  Then for the workspace file, locate your workspaces folder by opening Luminar and choosing File>Show Workspace Folder.  Drag this workspace there.

Before/After screenshots...

And here are some screenshots showing you Before/After comparisons for the 8 presets.  Keep in mind that if you find the colors too intense you can always just reduce the opacity, change the blend mode, etc.  Feel free to experiment and don't hesitate to tag me if you post it on FB.  I love seeing what you do with my presets!  I hope you enjoy these!  If you don' least you can't complain about the price.  ;-)   If you do enjoy them, please do me a small favor and share with your friends on Facebook!

(and click any image below to enlarge)

Blue Hour Pop 1

Golden Hour Pop 1

Sunset Pop 1

Twilight Pop 1

Blue Hour Pop 2

Golden Hour Pop 2

Sunset Pop 2

Twilight Pop 2