The power of presets in Luminar

28 examples of presets in Luminar - all just a single click away!  It's quick and easy fun!

Hello friends, I have been getting a lot of questions about Luminar ever since I posted this the other day, and wanted to try and answer some of them here.  (And for the record, I am happy to get questions and do my best to answer them.)  Many folks are curious what the presets are like in Luminar, and if the looks they give your photos are similar to what you can achieve in other Macphun apps like Intensify and Tonality.

In short, yes in Luminar you can do generally anything you did in Tonality or Intensify, plus a whole host of other cool stuff, too.  But this post isn't about comparing the old with the new.  This is about examining some of the awesome that is built into the new.  New is good.  I love new, don't you?  ;-)

This is a preset preview.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I won't write a whole lot more (like last time) and instead will just let the presets give you an idea just how versatile and flexible this new product really is.  Obviously you can do a whole lot more with Luminar (adjust the filters in the preset; add new filters to the preset; remove filters from the preset; mask in at a filter level; add new layers and apply effects there; use luminosity masking; add a custom texture; easily replace a sky and much more), but I thought that showing some presets on a photo would be a good start.  Enjoy.

Also, I have created preset packs for Luminar which you can find right here.

A caveat:

* Since Luminar is not yet commercially available, I have been using a beta version.  In other words, things may change, and some presets may not make it to final release.  I have no idea, though, so we will all find out soon enough!

If you are interested in pre-ordering Luminar, you can do that by clicking the little banner below.  the pre-order special offer runs until November 17, 2016 so you still have a little time to get this great deal!  Read about it here.

Let's check out some presets!

Here is the base, unedited photo that will be used in every example below.  I felt like using the same photo each time made things more consistent.  It may get boring, but consistency in the base photo was my goal, so that I could demonstrate the variety of the presets.  The preset name is visible in the image - I opted for that view of things instead of full screen, so that you can also see the other ones near it.  In total there are something like 60 presets in Luminar, so you have a lot of choice.  From detailed and dramatic to soft and airy, from brightly colored to starkly monochrome, there is something for everyone in Luminar's presets.  Add in all the flexibility of making changes, and you can apply endless effects to your shots.

This photo was taken out in the wilds of New Mexico.  I love road shots, don't you?  All the possibilities of life lie ahead of you, and all you have to do is get through that storm ahead.  ;-)

(Click on any photo to enlarge and view in a lightbox, which I recommend doing)

Well friends, that's all she wrote for today.  Hopefully this gives you a good sense of the versatility of Luminar.  If you have any questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer them!

Availability and Pricing:

Luminar is available for pre-order TODAY at a discounted price of $59 for all new users, and just $49 for anyone who already uses has Macphun photo software. Pre-order offer will also include a bonus pack of photo training videos and a course on building a photography business from Will Burrard-Lucas, an award-winning UK based wildlife photographer with over one million Facebook fans. 

Luminar will be available for purchase on November 17th, if you decide to wait.