Announcing my Bella Italia Preset Pack for Aurora HDR 2017

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by.  I made a preset pack for Aurora HDR 2017.  Curious?  Good, keep on reading.

I have been using Aurora HDR 2017 since it was in beta and I created all the training videos for Macphun’s website, which you can find here:

It’s an incredible product and there is nothing better for creating HDR photos (oh, and it’s pretty awesome on single exposures, too).  I love it and use it all the time.

How This All Got Started

My family and I took an extended holiday a few months back, spending nearly 6 weeks traveling around the incredible country of Italy.  We were very fortunate that this trip was able to come together, and I can honestly say that it had a huge impact on our lives.  Italy can do that to you.

As we traveled from city to city we toured museums, strolled historic town centers, witnessed amazing sunsets, gazed at incredible sculptures and dove into the chilly Mediterranean Sea.  It was amazing.  All along, I was firing brackets like a madman.  I returned with over 14,000 photos.  Not bad, huh?  :-)

I left feeling inspired, humbled, and excited about processing the 14,000 photos that I accumulated!  A trip like this really makes you step back and consider how much beauty our world contains...and of course it makes you want to edit your photos.  :-)

Some Insights Into This Preset Pack

Upon my return, I immediately started processing photos from the various places, and found that each type of photo seemed to have a theme in terms of how I was processing them in Aurora HDR 2017.  So I started making presets for those images, and naming them after the subject itself or the name of the place where I had taken the photo, or something in the scene that got my attention.  Thus this preset pack was born.

I named this preset pack Bella Italia because I found the country to be incredibly beautiful.  That’s not exactly news to anyone, but it’s true!  Literally, everything is beautiful.  I don’t know how anyone gets anything done there!  I would just wander and wander with the camera.  And eat pizza.  Yes, definitely eat a lot of pizza.

This preset pack covers a lot of ground photographically, from cityscapes and landscapes, to seascapes, street scenes, sunsets, sculptures and statues, architecture and more!  It ranges from expressively colorful to starkly monochromatic.  And if you look at my photos, you know that I do not go for tiny, minor, almost-impossible-to-tell type of adjustments.  I like bold strokes, and you will see that in the screenshots.  

You can try these presets out on any sort of image.  No, every preset does not look good on every photo - it just doesn’t work that way.  But I know that you will find something for everyone in this preset pack, and I sure hope you enjoy using them on your images as much as I enjoyed creating them.  

There are 25 presets included in this pack, and once loaded in Aurora HDR 2017 it will be displayed as it’s own category of presets, right alongside all the other categories that are built into Aurora HDR 2017.  Creativity is at your fingertips my friends!

I have included some sample images below (click any image to enlarge) so you can get a sense of what the pack contains.  Even if you don’t purchase the preset pack, I hope you get inspired to experiment with Aurora HDR 2017, and of course I appreciate your visit here today to check it out.

How To Purchase the Preset Pack

Ready to purchase this preset pack?  You can click on the "Add To Cart" icon below, or visit my Presets Page

It sells for the low price of just $5.00.  That's barely a cup of coffee.  :-)

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Thanks for stopping by, and let me know if you have any questions.  I appreciate the support very much!

How To Install A Custom Preset Pack

When you import a custom preset pack such as this one, it will create a new category in the Presets category window, and the presets will be displayed within that category.

To add a custom preset pack, select the menu item File>Add Custom Preset Pack.  An open dialog will be displayed, allowing you to choose the pack you wish to add.

NOTE: This preset pack only works with Aurora HDR 2017, not the previous versions.  If you don’t have Aurora HDR 2017 yet, you can get it here.