Sunset over Lake Como

I barely got this one - but I am glad that I did!

We had arrived in Lake Como late in the afternoon, and were getting settled into our apartment after a long day of travel.  The dinner hour was upon us, so we ventured out for a stroll in hopes of finding something to eat.  It wasn't a photo outing, so all I had with me was my little pocket camera, the Panasonic Lumix LX-100 (which is a great little camera).

As we wandered the streets of the old town in Como, I could tell the light was getting pretty nice, and of course that always makes me a bit twitchy (if I am not in a good place to shoot it, that is).  So I ran in what I thought was the direction of the lake, hoping for at least a clear view of the sunset.  Luckily, my sense of direction was correct and I found the lake.

After dodging a few Vespas and Fiats, I made it to the lake in time to get this view.  I didn't really have time to find a "clear" view of the lake, but I was happy to just get some shots of this lovely sunset.  It's better to get a shot than no shot at all, right?