50 Things I Love About Luminar

See how much of an impact you can have on your shots?

It’s no secret that I love Macphun products.  I find them all to be easy to use yet very powerful, and they definitely help me craft my images with precision.  So when I started experimenting with Luminar, I expected the same thing: an intuitive and powerful product that could help me craft beautiful images.  That has long been my opinion of and experience with Macphun.

However, I was not prepared to be BLOWN AWAY by Luminar.  Sure, I expected to like it - even love it - but I didn’t fully understand what I was getting into.  I expected a great photo-editing app, but what I got was so much more.  I got an entirely new way of doing things and a simpler but more powerful photo-editing experience.

A fun monochrome conversion with an added texture.

This is a serious game-changer, and not just for Macphun and their customers, but for the industry.  This product is highly capable and literally bundles so much together that it is somewhat mind-boggling.  However it fits everything in a fluid and intuitive UI that never feels crowded.    

It just works, and it works beautifully.  I am spending all my time in it right now, and I expect you will feel the same when you get it.  

I did some cross processing and a bunch of other stuff to take this drab photo and give it a little more pop.

I also just created the below video showing how I edited the NYC skyline photo - take a look!

In this video, I edit a lovely sunset from NYC in the new Luminar from Macphun. In just a couple of minutes, I take it from drab to colorful, expressive and fun. Luminar is literally allowing me to save shots I would have otherwise ignored.

The pre-order period for Luminar is about to end (the product launches November 17) so take advantage of the great deal while it’s available!  


  1. Offer available: November 2 – November 17
  2. Pricing: $240 Value Starting at only $49 for Current Macphun Customers
  3. New Customer Pre-Order Price: $59 Includes Pre-Order Bonuses!
  4. Current Users of any Macphun Software, including Aurora HDR Price: $49 Includes Pre-Order Bonuses


  • Professional video training from Matt Granger: Educating Tina-Directors Cut $99 Value
  • Premium Membership + eBook from Will Burrard-Lucas: Build a Profitable Photography Business

Here are 50 stream-of-consciousness thoughts about why I love Luminar and think that you will too:

  1. It’s an incredible, powerful all-in-one photo editor.
  2. No more jumping between apps to complete an image!
  3. It’s a perfect complement to Aurora HDR.
  4. Touch up an HDR or take the base HDR and stylize it completely.
  5. Create stunning monochrome images.
  6. The UI is adaptive and flexible so you can alter it to fit your skill level or preferences.
  7. The entire package is very intuitive.  It never feels overwhelming despite all the tools it contains.
  8. Easily add layers to gain creative control over your image.
  9. Masking is easy and quick.
  10. Extensive collection of blend modes for ultimate creative control.
  11. Non-destructive editing of RAW files.
  12. Supports PSD files.
  13. Save in multiple file formats.
  14. Easily share/publish online when editing is finished.
  15. Editing brush with customizable size, opacity and softness.
  16. Histogram that can display hot and cold pixels.
  17. Use it as a standalone, a plug-in or an extension.  It will fit into your preferred host/workflow.
  18. History panel allows you to jump back in time to view your editing steps.
  19. Workspaces to personalize your editing approach based on the style of photograph you are editing.
  20. Create, save, share, import and export workspaces.
  21. Add a texture quickly and easily.
  22. Completely replace a sky in a couple of minutes.
  23. Extensive collection of presets in 6 categories.
  24. Create, save, share, import and export presets.
  25. Easily adjust presets to customize your photo.
  26. Apply opacity slider to a preset in preview mode.
  27. Radial masking filter.
  28. Gradient masking filter.
  29. Luminosity masking.
  30. Significant list of standard editing filters.
  31. Orton Effect filter - so fun!
  32. Foliage enhancer filter.
  33. Fog filter.
  34. Split Color Warmth filter.
  35. Split toning.
  36. Filter descriptions.
  37. Filters organized by category.
  38. Apply blend modes to individual filters on a single layer.
  39. Apply masking to individual filters on a single layer.
  40. Rearrange filters that have been applied.
  41. Crop and straighten image.
  42. Transform image.
  43. Noise reduction.
  44. Object removal/spot healing eraser.
  45. Clone and stamp tool.
  46. Keyboard shortcuts for quicker workflow steps.
  47. Up to 3000% zoom.
  48. Before and After comparison.
  49. Easily adaptable from landscapes to portraits and everything in between.
  50. Just a lot of fun to experiment with!

That's it for today my friends.  I really have been enjoying Luminar, and it's definitely right at the top of my favorite apps, along with Aurora HDR.  Between those two, that's all I really use now.  It's great to have so much power at your fingertips.  Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for stopping by!

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