Waiting on sunset in Vernazza

More from the Cinque Terre - this area is incredible!

I loved the few days I spent in the Cinque Terre part of Italy.  It's absolutely gorgeous, with these little villages stacked up next to the sea.  It's a wonderful place for photographers to explore as well.  In fact, I wrote up this guide for photographing the Cinque Terre - check it out!

This is Vernazza, which many consider the most beautiful village there.  It certainly has it merits; that can't be denied.  But I found Vernazza, Riomaggiore and Manarola to all be very photogenic, and you can read about that in my guide I mentioned above.  They are different and each is quite beautiful.  I can't imagine being disappointed at seeing any of them.

This was an easy shoot in terms of effort on my part.  There is a big, wide, paved trail and you just walk up it, find your spot, and fire away.  While the grade is somewhat steep, it's not hard to locate and there are plenty of spots to set up from in case it gets crowded.

I stuck around through sunset and on to about blue hour, at which point I headed back down into the harbor area to fire some brackets there.  All in all, a great evening of shooting!