The Bridge of Sighs

I always loved the name of this bridge!

I learned the name of this bridge many years ago, because it was in a song that I loved and I had to go look it up.  It's supposedly named due to it providing the last view of freedom that a prisoner would see as they crossed from the Doge's Palace (on the right) into the prison (on the left), thus eliciting a sigh from them as they realized they would never see the outside world again.  Such a great name for a bridge.  So poetic.  You can just hear them sighing, can't you?

When I was in Venice, this was a shot that I knew I had to capture at least once.  It turns out that I shot it 3 or 4 times.  This one was during a lovely sunset, which I am rather thankful for!  The colors in the sky and of the course the clouds provide a nice backdrop for the image, I believe.  It's just not the same with a plain blue sky behind it.  Then again, that's probably obvious.  A beautiful sunset makes every picture better.  ;-)