Gondolas at rest

So many great scenes to be photographed in Venice!

Venice is a visual feast.  It's just an incredible place.  I knew I was going to enjoy photographing it, but boy was I blown away with just how much stuff I was interested in aiming the camera at.  It was one of those places where you fear putting the camera back in the bag in case you miss something.

One thing I shot a lot of there - of course - is the gondolas.  They are a globally recognized symbol of the city, and they are everywhere.  Having been to Venice a couple of times in my life (though it has been many years since my last visit), I knew I was going to find them and shoot them, but I didn't expect to see so many of them.  No complaints of course!  :-)

I was out looking for good views of the Rialto Bridge around sunset one day and came across these gondolas, tied up and waiting for their captains, I guess.  I started out framing them from the side, with the Rialto Bridge in the background, but I didn't really like the composition too much, so I decided to just shoot them head on.  Having the gorgeous buildings in the background looked good to me, so I fired away.  The fading light of sunset didn't hurt either.  Score!

Such a colorful scene - and a colorful city - and one that I thoroughly enjoyed!  Thanks for stopping by!