Bits and bobs from London

London is such a photogenic city!

Blue hour looking out over the River Thames at Big Ben and the House of Parliament.

I really do enjoy my visits to London.  The city is gorgeous and of course there is just so much to shoot there.  I am still working through thousands of London photos from all my various trips there (and will be for a while - oh darn!).  It's quite fun to revisit these spots while surfing through my Lightroom library.  I always find something that compels me to dive in and start processing!

Other than the obvious theme of London, these photos aren't necessarily related in any way.  In fact, they came from a couple of different trips, and were taken with different cameras in some cases.  That's why I called this "bits and bobs", which is an expression I hear from my English friends, roughly equating to what we call "bits and pieces" in the US, or perhaps "this and that".

Anyways, it seemed fitting for today's post - a random assortment of London stuff.  I hope you enjoy the photos and thanks for stopping by! 

This is the ceiling inside Kings Cross Station, a beautiful and photogenic train station in central London!  I found it so interesting!

The Imperial War Museum which I passed by and just had to stop for a shot.

Evening in Covent Garden with those awesome English phone booths!

Another blue hour shot at Big Ben, with a double-decker bus passing and a little intentional tilt just for the fun of it!

A stunning sunset over Big Ben!