A different view of Austin

One of my favorite views of Austin - from Lou Neff Point!

isn't that a great view?

As you know by now, I have a tendency to shoot skylines when I travel.  But, I also have that tendency at home.  I have wandered up and down the edge of the lake in downtown Austin, looking for new and interesting views of town.

My favorite spot is from Auditorium Shores, partly because the skyline is RIGHT THERE.  It's literally right in front of you, and if you time it right, you can get some really nice, crisp reflections, which is something I always try to do.

But today's post is from another spot, which is quite good but lesser known.  It's Lou Neff Point, and it is sort of tucked out of the way over at the edge of Zilker Park.  You either have to know about it, or stumble upon it, because it isn't really marked too well. 

I like the view from here though because it gives you a different perspective on the skyline, and one that isn't seen quite as much.  I was out one afternoon about a month ago when I captured these.  It was slightly cool, although in the photos it looks cold to me.  Some of that is because of how I processed the shots, though.  I added some cool tones to exaggerate the "wintry feel".  You see, we don't get much of a winter here in Austin, so we have to pretend!  :-)

this is from nearby, overlooking barton creek