Sunset at the lighthouse

I caught an amazing sunset at Lime Kiln Point State Park in Washington!

Considering how much I wrote for that last post, I think I will keep this one pretty short.  On that summer trip, we spent about a week on San Juan Island off the coast of Washington State.  One evening we made our way over to Lime Kiln Point State Park.  Obviously there is a lighthouse there, but the main attraction is that it's a fabulous place to watch for passing whales.

Sadly, we never saw any whales that day, but I couldn't really complain considering the awesome sunset that arrived!  I stood on a rock outcropping and fired away for quite a while as the light changed and got more intense.  It was beautiful, and I was surprised that there were only a few people around.  I was the only photographer standing there and firing brackets into the sunset.

All 4 of these photos are 3 exposure HDR's which were combined in Photomatix with filters applied in Color Efex Pro and final touch-up in Lightroom.

Do you ever get a place all to yourself like that?  Isn't it awesome?