My first few hours in Norway

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent a few days in Stavanger, Norway last week - and it was awesome.  Have you been to Stavanger?

the boat is called "lost" but i found my way around stavanger quite easily!

Like a lot of folks, when I hear Norway I think of the fjords.  All the pics I have seen have been awe inspiring, and I made it a point to get to a fjord while there (twice in fact!) - but I don't have any of those photos ready to share just yet - sorry!  Hope you'll still stick around though.  Will ya?  Ok, good.  'Cause this little town of Stavanger is pretty!

So, I arrived late afternoon after zero sleep on the overnight flight, checked into my hotel, and promptly went out to shoot.  There's no point of sitting around and relaxing, because there's a chance I would just fall asleep, and that would have sucked.  So I got my s**t together and headed out.  You would do that, right?  That's about the only time I will drink a big cup of caffeinated tea in the mid-afternoon.  It would normally make it hard to sleep, but after being awake all night, it's not too hard to sleep.  I shoot, eat, and have a beer or two, and BAM!  I'm out.    Anyways...

Stavanger is not a big tourist destination in Norway, at least as far as I know.  Then again, I'm no expert on Norway so maybe it is.  While I found the town enjoyable and rather photogenic, I had actually never heard of it prior to having to go there.  Due to it's proximity to the North Sea, the town is closely connected to the oil industry (and is basically a harbor town, hence the boat pics).  But even with depressed gas prices, the dang prices in the town were pretty high.  Oh well, it happens.  That didn't stop me from shooting there.  It's free to walk around!  :-)

But nearby the town there was an amazing fjord named Lysefjord, and I'll be back pretty soon with pics from it.  I did a big hike there one day (which totally wore me out), and followed it up with a boat tour of the fjord the following day (which was much easier of course).  So, lots coming from Norway as I find time to sort and process all the photos I took. For now, enjoy this little visual and colorful tour of Stavanger, Norway!

And as I said in my last post, I just sold all my Olympus gear and purchased a Sony A7II full frame mirrorless camera, and I am loving it.  This was my first trip with the camera, which is always a little nerve-wracking, since you are basically learning the ins and outs of the camera as you go (I did get out one evening in Austin to shoot with it and get some practice, but still, it's basically a brand new thing to learn).  Anyways, it worked out great, and I am very satisfied with my purchase and can't wait to share more from Norway! 

this is the norwegian petroleum museum, which I thought was pretty cool looking

the "colorful street", ovre holmegate, which is small but interesting!

another shot of ovre holmegate

this small lake sits in the city center, next to their chapel, and I just thought it looked great with those clouds!

i just liked this street corner in their city center - nothing fancy, just interesting and pretty to my eye!