The last sunset in Oregon

This one REALLY turned out amazing!

I will always look back fondly on this past summer.  What, you didn't read about it yet?  Suffice it to say that it was a pretty fabulous summer for this family.  We're still talking about it, and probably will be for some time (like forever!).

Since we were in Oregon for a long time, and it's just so beautiful there, I spent a fair amount of time catching shots of various sunsets.  Some were so-so, some were good, and some were spectacular.  This one was quite possibly the best one, and it came on our last night there.  Maybe Mother Nature heard my prayers.  :-)

We had decided to make a return visit to Ecola State Park and just hang out, relax, and watch the sun dip into the Pacific one last time before we packed it up and left town.  There had been some clouds that day and of course I am ever hopeful that they will still be around at sunset, and that it will translate into something beautiful.

It did.

As the pictures show, it was incredibly colorful and while they weren't the most dramatic cloud formations I've shot at sunset, it certainly was pretty incredible.  When you add in the rugged beauty of the Oregon coastline, it's hard to beat.  You can see why I love this part of the country so much.  It just speaks to me I guess.

Here's a tip for when you visit Ecola State Park:  

Everyone rolls into the park, leaves the car in the big parking lot there, and follows the trail straight to the viewing platform that is in front of you.  You should absolutely do that.  The view from that platform is excellent and leads your eye straight down the coast to Cannon Beach and it's famous monolith, Haystack Rock.  

But when you are done there, head back up to the parking lot and then turn towards the Pacific and walk into the bushes there.  There are some tiny trails that will lead down to a hidden beach.  This will involve some scrambling on your part and possibly sliding on your butt down onto the beach, but believe me it is well worth it.

I made this same trek and saw 4 people the whole time.  Just four.  I basically had it to myself!  I was also there at low tide, and was able to walk around the rocks and end up on the beach below the viewing platform I mentioned above.  There was no one on that beach at all.  There were tidepools with starfish and crabs in it.  There were empty sea caves.  I was in heaven!

And yes there is another, longer way to get there.  You can also take a trail towards Crescent Beach which will wind you through the woods for a ways before depositing you on the beach below the viewing platform.  From there you can walk just about anywhere.

However you choose to get there, just get there.  Most tourists don't know about it or are not willing to put in the effort, so show up for sunset and be prepared for some awesomeness!