Golden hour at Haystack Rock

There's just something about Haystack Rock!

I love coastal Oregon, and while I often aim to discover new places, there are some that are so awe-inspiring that it's hard not to return.  Haystack Rock is just such a place.  This massive monolith sits on the beach in the little town of Cannon Beach, Oregon and it draws quite a crowd, especially in summer.  

We recently spent several weeks in the area, and I made it a point to get here a few times and grab some shots. My hope of course is always to get a nice golden hour, sunset, or blue hour (or ideally, all three) but you can never really predict these things.  You can hope, and based on what you see in the sky you can certainly get your hopes up, but you can never accurately guess whether it will turn out nice or not.

So one afternoon we headed over there hoping for great light.  There had been some decent clouds all day, and I had my fingers crossed.  As you can see, when golden hour arrived, it really started to come together.

I was getting pretty excited and ran around firing all sorts of shots from various angles.  It was also close to low tide, which in my opinion is the best time to shoot on the Oregon beaches, because of all the rock there.  The receding tide leaves behind all sorts of little pools, which you can use in your photographs to draw the eye.

So that's exactly what I did with some of today's shots.  These long sections of water were lined up just about perfectly, and I fired away with them in the foreground as a leading line.  The funny thing to me is that I was the only one really doing that.  I just assume everyone would shoot this way, but it was just me - which was totally fine by me of course!  I would rather have it all to myself anyways.  Nearly all the other photographers were clustered either down close to the rock itself, or on the other side of the rock (further south down the beach - I shot from there for sunset, and it's a very popular spot).

I hope you enjoy this collection of photos from that day.  And yes, I stuck around for both sunset and blue hour, and OMG it was marvelous.  I just need to work on those pics and get them ready, so that will be another time.  

Thanks for stopping by today!