A perfect day in Howth

Are you looking for a great side trip from Dublin?  Try the fishing village of Howth!  It's wonderful!

I have been to Dublin, Ireland many times, and always enjoy my visits there.  It's a lovely city, and one of my favorite places to go.  And even though I am very fond of it, on my last trip there I was looking for something to do that would get me out of town.  Something new.  Something different.

I found exactly what I needed in the little fishing village of Howth.

From the city center in Dublin, I hopped on the DART (local train) and it was about a 30 minute ride out to Howth.  Once there, I walked everywhere I wanted to go.  No need for a car in this town.  The village itself is small and quaint, and the other big attraction is the hiking you can do.

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From the DART station, you make the short walk in to town.  Since I arrived around lunchtime, I stopped in a little cafe for a bite before taking off on my hike.  I figured it would be good to do the hike first and then explore the village when I returned.  So I fueled up.

I wandered through the village briskly, and at the end of it is where the trail begins.  This trail takes you up into the hills a bit, and offers up some fabulous views over the Irish Sea and the island known as Ireland's Eye.  The trail itself is steep in some parts, but I would rate the difficulty level overall as moderate.  The trail winds it way around the peninsula that Howth occupies and is well worth the effort.  All together, I spent a couple of hours on the trails before heading back into the village.

Once back in the village, I headed straight to the ruins of St. Mary's Abbey, because I just love shooting ruins and churches, and this was a two-for-one, so I was pretty excited.  This church dates from the 1500's, although there were other structures here hundreds of years prior to that.  I enjoyed this spot all to myself, which is great, photographically-speaking.

After plenty of photos of the abbey, I walked downhill to the village itself to wrap up my day.  I wandered in and out of shops and took photos around the harbor and anything else that caught my eye.  There were a lot of fishing boats coming in for the day and unloading their catches - it was rather interesting and fun to observe.

Then it was a short stroll back to the DART station, and a short ride back to Dublin.  If you have plans to be in Dublin and are looking for something to do outside of the City Center, I would consider a half-day (or even a whole one) in Howth.  It's a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Dublin.

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