A stunning sunset in Cannon Beach

I caught a lot of fabulous sunsets in Oregon!

As I mentioned in the last post, I am back from the summer trip and getting back into the groove around here.  Lots to do, and it's all good.  The first thing I am trying to accomplish is to process a lot of photos, because I love to do so.  It's a lot of fun.

So today I have a collection of pics from Cannon Beach, Oregon that I took during a beautiful sunset there one evening.  We arrived pre-sunset and ate some pizza on the beach while exploring the nooks and crannies (and tide pools) around all the big rocks there.  It was quite fun.

Once sunset started, I could see it was going to be pretty well worth sticking around, so we did.  I had just the camera and one lens on me - the tripod was back home that night.  So I darted here and there while the light morphed and got more and more awesome.  All the while I was doing my best to steady myself so I could get a clean shot, since I didn't have the tripod to depend on.

The tide was receding and it left behind all sorts of shallow pools, which are great for capturing reflections.  You can't get a reflection off of moving water (obviously), so when it puddles up like this, it's show time!  Get out there and go crazy! (And I did!)

Thanks for swinging by today!