A good day in Edinburgh, Scotland

Here are some shots from Edinburgh, Scotland - quite a town!

I love Scotland.  Each time I go, I appreciate it more and more.  Mostly I have been to Glasgow and surrounding parts, but I once was able to zip off up to Edinburgh for a day.  What a town!

That was a great day for me, as I had always wanted to visit.  Sadly, I've only been that one time, but of course I made the most of it and grabbed as many shots as I could!

Today's post is a quick one - these are Edinburgh pics that I recently processed, even though the trip was a couple of years ago.  Mostly these are from Edinburgh Castle, though a few are from some random spots around town.  I'm still trying to get some of my backlog processed and shared.  It's a constant struggle, although a fun one.  I always have some surprises waiting for me in the old Lightroom library.  

I've just returned from my big summer family vacation road trip (hence a shorter post today), and it was awesome.  I am working on a trip summary that I hope to have ready soon-ish.  I also did a lot of thinking on the trip, both about my photography style and what I share here, so I am also working on a write-up about that.  So, more coming real soon!

Lots to share from that trip, so stay tuned for more photo goodness coming next week!  Meanwhile, enjoy this visual tour of Edinburgh!