San Francisco in blue and gold

This city looks so great in blue and gold!

I spent a week in San Francisco back in June and collected quite a few pics on that trip.  Since then I traveled to Nashville and OKC and then launched into this wonderful summer holiday that I am still enjoying (and still on).  In other words, my camera has been busy.

But my keyboard has also been busy, as I have been working hard to edit a lot of photos and get them published.  If you want to keep up with the full library of my published works, you can do so on my portfolio site or follow me on Flickr.  All my work ends up in those two places (and you get an early peek at things on Flickr because I put my iPhone images there while I travel - or at least the ones I really like).

One part of the San Fran trip that I was dying to edit is all the shots I am sharing here today.  They were all taken of, in front of, behind or beside the Ferry Building.  Let's just say that area is a target-rich environment.

I find San Francisco to be just an absolutely gorgeous city.  Every time I am there I love it even more.  I can understand why so many people love it too.  It's way more my style than say some place like NYC.  Nothing wrong with NYC of course - it's amazing - but I could never imagine living there, whereas I could see myself in SFO.

As I have written here before, the Ferry Building is one of my favorite things to shoot in San Fran, and I have shot it inside and out several times over the years.  Many of today's shots are also of the Ferry Building, since it's really to close to where I normally stay and being on the water too, it's just a natural draw for me.

One morning I got up early (my body is used to Central Time, so I always wake up early there) and decided to go grab a few shots before work.  My hotel this time was literally across the street from the Ferry Building, so that's the first place I headed, and I am glad that I did!  I just loved the lights reflected on the street and of course I always love blue hour.

It's always great to get out and shoot San Francisco, but in the cool early morning air when the streets are mostly empty - that's just really special.  As you can see, I also captured a few pics from another day, right around golden hour and sunset.  I thought I would just throw them into this post, since they sort of fit the theme.  Call it a bonus!  :-)  The last two pics at the bottom are from my hotel.  Not from my room though, unfortunately.  I had to work to find that view but it was well worth it!

Thanks for stopping by today!