An unbelievable sunset in Bandon, Oregon

Wow, I had some amazing light that night!

We passed through Bandon, Oregon recently, with the intent being to spend 2 nights there, giving me 2 chances at a glorious sunset.  On the first night, I got a great sunset.  I thought I was done.  It was really beautiful.  My thinking was that even if it rained the next night, I would be satisfied with my photos.  So I ventured out again the second night, always hopeful that the light would be cooperative.

It was magical.

I can't tell you how great the light was, other than just to show you.  I was literally in awe.  This is definitely a top 5 sunset of all time for me, maybe even top 3.   It was that awesome.  And the colors!  Wow, the colors.  I actually had to REDUCE the saturation on some of these shots because it just looked unreal.

And one of the best parts was that it just kept getting better and better, even after sunset.  It was as though the light wanted to stay around FOREVER (which would have been ok by me!).  It just lasted and lasted, until it finally started to fade around 9:30pm.

By then, I was pretty worn out from all the running to and fro (and general hyperness), and with a memory card full of images from two wonderful sunsets along the Pacific shore, I headed home.

Thank you Bandon, Oregon and Mother Nature.  You really outdid yourself!  I'll be back!