Visualizing Red River

Here's a little photo tour of some spots in Red River, NM!

I love the little mountain town of Red River, NM.  We have visited it for years, as my wife spent many days there in her youth, and we have often returned with the larger family on various vacations.  It's tucked high up in the mountains at nearly 9,000 feet and feels like you are a million miles away from things.

And it's beautiful.

It's a small town, but I find plenty to get out and do while there, and luckily a lot of it includes me bringing the camera!  The last time we visited, back in August 2014, was another family trip and we got out to enjoy all that Red River has to offer: hikes, mountain views, lakes and streams, waterfalls, and even a little wildlife viewing!

So today's shots are a collection of photos that I wanted to share.  Hey I'm only a year behind on these - not bad, Jim!  LOL

I am working furiously on a lot of new photos from the current family trip I am on, sitting here in beautiful Oregon.  More coming next time, so come back, and thanks for stopping by today!