Sedona seduces

Here's my first round of pics from my recent stop in Arizona!

If you read my last post, you know I am enjoying a family holiday in Oregon after a Clark Griswold-inspired road trip across the western US.  Our first stop of any significance was Sedona, AZ and since it was my first time there, I was pretty busy with the camera.

And what a place!

I found so many beautiful and interesting landscapes, walked on fabulous trails, and although the temps were quite high (nearly 100 every day), I had some great clouds and thus interesting skies to include in my shots.  It worked out well, in other words, and we already want to go back.

I have only ever been to Arizona once before (apart from passing through Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, which I have done many times), and that trip was a quick one for a couple of days in Phoenix, a few years ago.  I did get out and took quite a few pics that time, but I have just realized that I never shared any of them, and they are sitting in my Lightroom library, unprocessed and ignored.

Kind of like a lot of my photos (which I am changing, one post at a time!).

So yeah, add those older Phoenix shots to the list of "get to it someday", because honestly these recent pics are better and I will process them first.  I also added today's pics to my gallery site on SmugMug, and since these were the first from Arizona, I added that place to the growing list of galleries I have there (36 locations in all, plus 2 more which are for my iPhone images).  I do like SmugMug - it's really a great place to host a portfolio.  As I process more from Arizona they will all get added there too, so feel free to check back in at a later date if you are interested in seeing more.  I have some real beauties coming, I promise!

Anyways, Sedona was great and today's pics are just some of the first ones I took there, and thus some of the first that I processed.  I have plenty more to get to, including a bunch from Cathedral Rock which I took while standing alongside a stream, and some from another hike I took which was super beautiful.  I think those came out pretty nice, so come back around here and I will get them shared.  Oh yeah, and I shot the Grand Canyon too, so that's coming at some point as well!  Wow, I have a lot to do.  (Good problem to have, of course.)

Thanks for stopping by and having a look!  I better get busy, because I have a lot to show you!