iPhone fun in Nashville and OKC

Last week I was in Nashville and then Oklahoma City - 6 flights, 2 hotels, 2 rental cars, and countless photos!

My first night of the trip and I was rewarded with this stunning sunset over Nashville!

I couldn't resist taking out the iPhone when I looked out the plane and saw these clouds.

It was a great week, although I was extremely busy.  Luckily I found time each day to get out and shoot (even though I had a conference call one evening during sunset - doh!).  I enjoy my visits to both of these cities.  I have been to both of them many times, and still find plenty of new stuff to shoot.  They are interesting cities, and beautiful in their own ways.  These (clearly) aren't the "big name" American cities, but I still find a lot to like about them.

I stumbled across this in an alleyway in Nashville

A different view of that first night's sunset in Nashville

So today's post is a quick iPhone highlight tour of my travels last week.  There is no theme, other than they are all iPhone shots processed in Snapseed.  I hit my usual haunts in those cities and found some new ones.  I shot some cityscapes and skylines.  I was (mostly) out at sunset.  I stumbled through some alleyways and found some new graffiti.  It was a good week, all around.

I am on the road again, but this time with the family, and heading West instead of East.  More to come from this current adventure (and I will find some time to process shots from Nashville and OKC that were taken with my lovely Olympus).  I have already captured about 1000 photos this week.  You can take a look at my current iPhone shots on Flickr. We are currently in Arizona and heading further West.  More to come about our grand summer family adventure!  (and yes, I will find time to process all the photos I am capturing, and there is a lot more shooting coming my way!).

Also, I am only planning this single post for this week.  With it being a short week for those of us in the US, and with me being on the road with sketchy wifi access, I figured it would be easiest to just spend time with the family and my camera and enjoy life a bit.  So follow me on Flickr to see current iPhone pics from the road, and come back next week because I have a lot to share!

I hope you enjoy the shots, and thanks for stopping by today!

another alleyway find in Nashville

on Route 66 in OKC

part of a mural in OKC

golden hour over LP Field in Nashville

the OKC Memorial

where the thunder rolls!

cool stuff i found in nashville - of course it is music-related in that city!

i love trains and graffiti - shot this in the gulch in nashville

another view of Lp field in nashville

another view of Lp field in nashville

from okc, another part of an extensive mural downtown

i spent some time driving along route 66 in okc - not a lot of great finds but loved this spot!

another scene from another alley in nashville - i just love grungy scenes like this.  and i love peanuts too!

the golden hour over lp field was impossible to pass up!