Experiencing a different side of Las Vegas

There's a LOT to aim the camera at when in Las Vegas - and it's not all on the strip!

I like Las Vegas, photographically speaking.  I don't want to live there, but I enjoy traveling there and taking photos of the place.  It's a bit of a photographic wonderland.  Regardless of what you like to shoot, you can probably find it in Vegas.

On my last trip out there (back in February of this year), I made a point to get away from The Strip and had read about a section of old Las Vegas that has been redeveloped.  It's Fremont Street, and there is a lot going on there.

In addition to some old casinos (with a lot of character), there are some cool neon signs to shoot as well, which is something I love.  So I got there late one afternoon and fired away.  It was a lot of fun, and a nice diversion from the insanity of The Strip (which is the only part of Vegas that I had ever seen before this).

So today's post is a small collection of what I shot there that afternoon.  I took many more shots as day turned to evening, and will share those another time.  I just need to find some more time to process them.  I say that a lot don't I?  :-)

And as you can probably tell, I processed some of these photos a bit differently than I normally do.  While I am a creature of habit (and do like my normal style of processing), I thought that these signs were much more fun and interesting when done with a bit of a vintage twist.

So I took them all into Analog Efex Pro2 and hammered away at them.  It was fun to experiment and I always find that I learn something when I do experiment.  In fact, I hope to experiment more with both my shooting styles and processing styles as this year continues to unfold.

Well that's it - just a quick tour of a few spots I found interesting in Las Vegas!  If you find yourself in Sin City, take a break from The Strip and head over to Fremont Street!  You'll be glad you did!