Golden hour on the Brooklyn Bridge

I have always wanted to shoot the Brooklyn Bridge!

I have seen so many shots of the Brooklyn Bridge over the years, and have literally wanted to shoot it forever.  It's a beautiful bridge, as you probably know.  You've seen pictures too, right?  Or maybe you have been there?  The problem for me is that it is in New York City, and I live in Texas.  I love to shoot bridges, but that's a long drive.  Know what I mean?  And while I travel a bit, it's rare that I get to go to NYC.

Luckily, sometime last year I made a trip up there (actually, come to think of it, I made two!), and the first thing on my list of what I wanted to shoot (and yes, I always make a list for my trips) was the Brooklyn Bridge.  I just HAD to get there.  It's iconic.  Plus, I just love bridges.  How can you pass up such an opportunity?

The good news is that I have a photo friend there, Mark Garbowski, and we met up to shoot one evening.  I met him in Manhattan, and he drove us both over here so I could indulge myself at this iconic spot.  It's great to have a local contact to shoot with, as they always know the best spots (I've had meetups in Nashville, London, San Francisco, and more - it's always great.).

Anyways, it worked out pretty well.  (Thanks Mark!)

We started on the bridge, and eventually ended up wandering down the river's edge to shoot both the bridge and the Manhattan skyline, which is just across the river.  It was a fabulous evening of photography and was great to hang out with Mark as well.  We had been friends online for years, but there's no substitute for meeting someone in person.  It's always better.

As you can see in the photos, the golden hour was bright and beautiful.  I am really warming up to shooting at golden hour (pun definitely intended!) more often these days.  I've never NOT liked it, it's just that blue hour was more my thing.  But lately I am finding more and more about golden hour that I like, including blown out highlights in photos.  Yeah, that may be something many are trying to avoid, but I don't think it's always a bad thing.  It's real, after all.  And of course, the lovely warmth of a golden hour shot is quite awesome.

And of course, we stuck around and shot through blue hour as well.  Why leave when you have such a great scene to point the camera at?!

So here's a collection of pics from that evening - enjoy!  Thanks for looking!