Sunset in Atlanta

I caught a wonderful sunset one evening in Hot-lanta - way back in February 2012, that is!

Ha, you see, I keep writing about how many old photos I still need to process, and today is a textbook perfect example of that.  As I have been migrating to Lightroom (well, actually I am done migrating, thankfully!) I keep coming across old groups of photos that I had overlooked for one reason or another.

Usually the reason is that once I got home from taking them, I got busy with work and then went on another trip, and never really got back to them.  So they sit there collecting virtual dust, until I pass through that album again and realize that just maybe I should process a few and see how they turn out!

Fast-forward 3+ years, and here you go!  LOL

So yes, these photos were taken back in February of 2012, and it was just recently that I unearthed them and did something with them.  I actually pride myself on keeping all my photos organized, and I did a good job of it in Aperture (and am doing the same thus far in Lightroom).  But I don't pride myself on doing things chronologically.  That just never works for me.

While in some ways it makes sense to share things as they occurred in real time, I actually prefer to mix things up and share them out of order.  It's more fun for me that way.  Plus, how could I ever get all 9,000 photos from my March/April travels processed and shared in chronological order?  It would take me months to do all that, and I would still be far behind, because of everything that has happened since, not to mention all that happened before.

So it seems to me that mixing it up is the only way to go, and that's why it is now May 2015 and I am sharing photos that I took in February 2012.  Better late than never, right?