Glasgow graffiti

There is some wonderful urban art in Glasgow!

On my recent trip over to Glasgow, Scotland, I made sure to hit all the sights that I always like to hit in any town: churches, museums, train stations - that sort of thing.  But I also carved out a little time to look for graffiti.  I do love shooting that stuff!

It turns out there are at least a couple of urban artists there who have created some fabulous works of art.  The two names I could find (and credit some of these works to) are Rogue One and Smug.  If you look closely at them, you can find their "signature" hidden in the art (Rogue One in the license plate of the cab; Smug on the necklace of the girl).  

I also found a couple of other spots that had some graffiti on it, but haven't gotten to those pics yet, so you will see more of this cool stuff another time.  

I searched online for interesting graffiti, and lucky for me it turns out that some of this was only a 5 minute walk from my hotel!  So of course as soon as I figured that out, I ran out and started the hunt!  That's the beauty of staying in the center of a city when you travel - all the good stuff is usually pretty close by. 

Some of this isn't really "urban art" so much as it is a series of murals that decorate one of the buildings at the University of Strathclyde, which is right in the city center.  But I went ahead and included them here, as it sort of fits the theme.

Just a quick post today.  Lots of great stuff happening and will be sharing more of that soon.  Thanks for stopping by today!