Inside the Embudo Gas Museum

If you like old gas station stuff, this is your heaven!

Out West in New Mexico, there's a tiny little town between Taos and Santa Fe known as Embudo.  It's not a big town - don't blink or you will miss it, as they say - but thanks to one man's devotion to a project, it's well worth a stop.

That man is Johnnie Meier, and his project is the Classical Gas Museum.  Johnnie has built an incredible collection of old gas station and vintage Americana memorabilia - gas pumps, gas signs and more.  Incredible is the best word that comes to mind.


Yeah, you need to stop here and spend some time with the camera, inside and out.  There is just so much to shoot that even though I have shot here twice in my life, I feel like I could return another dozen times and still not get it all.  There is that much.

And Johnnie could not be any nicer.  He lets you freely wander here around the grounds and shoot to your hearts content - so I did, thank you very much Johnnie.  And he also let me inside where all these wonderful signs and old gas pumps are lit up and working great.  I think I spent an hour inside (and the inside is not too large) shooting all the stuff you see here today.  And I had it all to myself that entire time!

I probably spent another hour or more outside, getting all the rusted up and busted up old stuff captured, one gas pump at a time.  It's almost overwhelming when you see it.  You will round the bend in the road, and if you are paying attention, you will see a bunch of old gas pumps in a yard, plus a bunch of other old stuff.  It will catch your eye, that's for sure!  (and likely your imagination too)

I need to go back.  I already can think of plenty of stuff I should have done when I was last there.

You ever get like that?  When you are somewhere and shooting, you fire away at every possible thing you can imagine.  You look around, you look at the stuff on your camera, and think you got it all.  So you depart.  You feel good.  You feel like you got it done.

Then, about 30 minutes later, you realize there were about 4 million other things you could have shot there, or shot differently, or something like that.  I do that all the time, so as I write this and look at these photos, I realize how much I left behind.

Well, that just means I have to go back, right?  Right!

Anyways, this is a quick summary of the inside of his Classical Gas Museum.  I have plenty of other stuff to share from here, so when I can find the time, I will get those onto the blog as well.

Thanks for the visit today and hope you enjoy the photos!