Sunrise in Abiquiu

Wow - I got some color that morning!

I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I was in Abiquiu, NM with the family for a Spring Break trip during the middle of March.  It was a great trip and we had an awesome time there.  But I also mentioned that on the first morning there, I caught a great sunrise, and I promised to get the pics up here as soon as I could.

Well, here they are!

That first morning, I woke up somewhat early and there seemed to be so much light coming into the house that I just assumed I had slept in late and everyone else was up and had the lights on.


You see, the house has a full wall of windows across the back, giving you a view over the distant lake and mountains - it's all quite beautiful.  And the light from this fabulous sunrise was literally pouring into the living room and illuminating everything.  The entire house was awash in light.  It was incredible to witness.

So once I was able to wake up somewhat - and look out through the windows to see this sunrise - I literally grabbed the camera, threw on some clothes (it was 35 or 40 degrees each morning) and ran out the back door to stand there and shoot.  And smile.  You have to smile when you get this stuff, right?

The interesting thing about this sunrise was that it just lasted and lasted and lasted.  At first, I was frantically shooting because wonderful light is usually so fleeting.  Normally it feels like you have about 10-15 good minutes to get your shots, then the show is over.  But after a while, I could see this one was going to take it's time (fine by me!) and that I could slow down, catch my breath, and just enjoy it.

Well, enjoy it I did my friends!

I must have been outside for about an hour, shooting, staring and just enjoying this wonderful light show that Mother Nature graced me with.  I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed standing there taking it all in!

And just to let you know, I barely even touched these photos in post.  I made some slight contrast adjustments primarily, and that was it.  The color was just so intense!