Portland's Japanese Garden

This is one gorgeous place in the heart of Portland, OR!

I was lucky enough to make it to the inaugural NXNW gentlemen's photo trip back in 2012, wherein we popped up to Portland, OR and shot like crazy over a long weekend.  It was awesome, but sadly the timing hasn't worked out for me since, so I have missed all the other trips.

The gents are planning one for later this summer right now, and once again I am committed to be elsewhere at the time, so once again I will miss out.  But, I will be in Europe so I won't complain.  I do love going to Europe (and in fact just spent last week there, in Copenhagen, and collected about 3100 new photos.  Whew, lots to do!)

Anyways, all this email banter about the upcoming trip sparked my interest to go back into the archives (which I have been doing a lot lately, anyways) and see what else from that Portland trip remained to be processed.

The answer?  A LOT!

I took over 2000 photos on that trip, and have processed barely a fraction of them.  It's the same thing I have been saying here a lot lately - that most of my photos are sitting in the library collecting virtual dust.

But that's changing. 

It's one of my goals this year to process as many pics as I can find time for.  Some of them become blog posts here - and some do not - but they all go onto my Flickr stream as well as on my portfolio site (since making them visible/searchable is the point).  

So recently I got into that collection from Portland, and started on these shots from the Japanese Gardens there, which are absolutely beautiful.  We spent a couple of hours there on our first afternoon, and I loved it.  We all did.  How could you NOT love a place this beautiful?

Well, enjoy the views today and come back soon for many, many more photos, as soon as I get them processed!