Going back in time in Salado, TX

City Garage - a must-see in Salado, TX!

Every time I drive to Dallas (which is not really all that often), I get a little excited because I know I am going to pass through Salado, TX.  Actually, I get a lot excited.  That may not sound like a big deal to most of you but there is one place I absolutely MUST stop at when passing through that little town along the interstate: City Garage.

I bet you were thinking I would say Dairy Queen.  Yeah, that’s pretty good too!

The first time I passed this place - which conveniently sits just off a frontage road next to the highway, and faces the highway for easy viewing - I literally had to exit the highway, turn around, and come back to see it up close.  It took me 10 minutes to make it back there, but that was time well spent.

You see, I get a little fired up about old stuff.

I’m not exactly sure why.  I don’t shop for antiques, and I don’t have any old stuff around the house, except for a couple of old cameras.  I tend to prefer newer things, I guess.

But when it comes to taking photos, old stuff is GREAT fun for me, and I absolutely love it.  While I am happy to fire away at a sparkling new skyline, I am equally happy to be shooting some old, rusty stuff from a bygone era.

Things like this may look old and out of date - and they are - but they tell a great story, and have a lot of life in them.  They are historic and tangible.  They are weathered but solid.  They’re just plain interesting.

So each time I get close, I get in the right lane of the highway and plan my exit, knowing that some quick, fun shooting awaits.  As you can see, it’s not a big place, but spending a few minutes here firing away is damn good fun, that’s for sure.

And no, I have never seen anyone else here, and it has never been open.  Who knows what is actually inside?  More old automotive signs?  Some wicked cool neon signs? I’m guessing it’s just somebody’s little project where they keep cool old stuff that they have acquired over the years.  I imagine it’s owned by a collector of sorts.  I don’t know, but I am sure glad it’s there, and that they share it with us folks that are driving by on the way to Dallas.

I just love to shoot here, and though I have shot here several times, I plan to do it again - and the sooner the better!

Do you like to shoot old stuff too? 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the pics today!