Amsterdam is awesome

Amsterdam gets an "A" in my book!

Everyone knows about Amsterdam.  They've either been there, read about it, had a friend tell them about it, or they saw it in a movie somewhere.  But regardless, it's well known.  And what is it known for?  Well, partying mostly.  Smoking dope, prostitution - that sort of stuff.  I think that is what comes to mind immediately when Amsterdam is mentioned.  It's definitely a place for all of that.

But there's so much more to Amsterdam - it's also a wonderful city for photography.

I have wandered the streets here many times, and am always rewarded with beautiful things to point the camera at.  There are obviously a lot of canals here - and in fact, more canals and more bridges than that other city famous for it's waterways (Venice, Italy).  You literally run across a canal at nearly every turn.  It's amazing (and at times, a little confusing).

You also have a LOT of great museums, some incredible architecture, and more.  It's really a cultural capital, of sorts.  It's probably a bit overlooked compared to some other famous European cities, but it's well worth a visit in my opinion.  Frankly, I love it there.

So on my trips to this lovely city, I always schedule in some quiet time where I can just wander and shoot, wander and shoot.  I always bring a map with me, just because I couldn't tell my Herengracht from my Prinsengracht if I fell in the damn thing (which thankfully has never happened!).

But I also bring a map because I want to see so many spots, and so I mark them and go see them, and then lather rinse repeat.  With so many canals, it's fairly challenging to keep them straight.  At times, I give up and sit down at a cafe and have a beer.  Then I wander some more.  It's a city that is built for wandering, really.

So today's post is a gathering of shots I have taken there on some of my trips (and I may return later this year, yay!).  And admittedly, I have a zillion more from here that I still need to process and share.  So I will work on that, and get them done at some point, and share them here, because there is so much to this city, and I love sharing the pics, my friend.

Thanks for stopping by.