Walking Circular Quay

Some shots from Down Under today!

Sydney, Australia is a rather beautiful city.  I'm always drawn to spots along the water, and with Circular Quay being right there on the Harbor...it brought me back time and again during my visit.  It's not really a very large area, but it's full of interesting things to point the camera towards.

i always look for museums, because they always seem to have great architecture! hi birdy!

Most notably is the Sydney Opera House, but that's not the subject of my post today.  You can find some pics of it here though.  You pretty much have to shoot that one!

But after you get over the initial awe of finally seeing that iconic structure (and taking quite a few pics), you start to look around and realize there is a whole lot more you can shoot here.  Well, at least that's how it went for me.

this tall ship was docked there in the harbor - cool stuff!

couldn't resist -  this one was begging to get the topaz impression treatment!

ah yes, approaching the sydney harbor bridge - it's a monstrous thing!


So I started like I always do - I picked a direction at random, and started meandering.  It's one of my favorite things to do when I visit a city for the first time.  Wander and shoot, wander and shoot.  It's a great way to learn your way around a place.

Here I really enjoyed the Sydney Harbor Bridge (since bridges are one of my favorite subjects) and then the various sights around the docks.  Those are always interesting to me.  Full of character.

docks are good when you want some grungy or interesting things to shoot!

i just like boats

Because of the travel time and distance to get there, it was around 7am when my plane landed in Sydney.  I took a taxi to my hotel in the CBD (Central Business District), and was lucky that my room was ready.  After a 16 hour flight with no sleep (and crossing the dateline, so I lost a day), I needed a place to decompress for a bit.  I was tired.

But it wasn't long until my desire to see Sydney overcame my desire to rest, and out I went.  The first place I wanted to see was this area around Circular Quay, and the Opera House of course.

So today's post is just a collection of images I took that day, stumbling around half-asleep but with an eye out for cool stuff.  I'm just glad the pics aren't blurry!

looking back at the skyline

at this point, i was getting near the opera house - but had to turn back for another shot of the skyline!