San Francisco scenes

I love San Francisco - such a beautiful city!

The bay bridge at sunrise

I travel to San Francisco several times per year, and usually get out and shoot a bit while there.  It's a very beautiful and diverse city, and I find a LOT to point the camera towards.  And while it is fairly compact as far as cities go, there are a lot of distinct neighborhoods, and I am sure I will never get to them all - though believe me, I will certainly try!

In fact, I haven't even gotten to all the spots in Austin I want to shoot, and I live here.

So when I am in SFO, I do my best to cram in a lot of shooting.  I often just pick an area, do a little research before I get there, and try and plan out a route to wander and shoot.  That usually works, though I never feel like I actually "finish".  That's pretty much how I feel about every photo outing though.  :-)

Alcatraz Island during a deep and wonderful blue hour

City Lights Bookstore in North Beach, famous for being a hangout of the Beat Poets.

I have shot there probably 5-6 times (I don't have time on every trip, sadly) and have thousands of photos in my library from those various trips, which means you will see a lot more San Francisco photos here as I get time to process and share them.  If you are interested in some highlights, I have a list here on the blog of what I consider the best places to shoot there.

You can also find all my SFO pics in this Flickr album, if you are interested.

So today's post is a collection of shots that I have had processed and ready to go for a while now, and am finally getting around to sharing them.  These were taken on a couple of different trips out there, and from a couple of different spots around town.

Thanks for stopping by today, and hope it's a great one for ya!

Exploratorium, along the Embarcadero, after a brief rain

Pier 7, looking out at the bay

Pier 23 cafe

another view of Pier 23 cafe

the stinking rose in north beach, where everything contains garlic - even the ice cream!