Explore the Elements

My submission for the Thomas Cook photo-blogging competition

Today’s blog post is a little different than my normal “I went here and shot a bunch of interesting stuff” kind of post.  Today my blog post is actually an entry in a photo competition being hosted by Thomas Cook (the British global travel company).

I have never done anything like this before, but I was nominated by my friend Elia Locardi, and since he’s one of the best photographers in the world (and a judge in the contest), I figured I had better join in on the fun.  :-)

In fact, there are 4 judges for this contest, and I admire the work they all do - really a great collection of talented folks there.  (wow, talking about some major sucking up - sorry!)

Anyways, the contest is called Explore The Elements, and as the name implies, the contest revolves around the 4 elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

Off the top of my head, I thought “No problem, I have loads of images for that stuff”, and I planned to bust out this blog post a while back, when I was first nominated.  But in reality, when I am putting together something like this, I found out quickly that it’s very easy to get extremely picky about my images (and admittedly, I have been extremely busy).  And then I found out - quite to my surprise - that I didn't have as many images as I thought I had that really captured the essence of any particular element.  So, it took me a while...but here it is, finally!

And sure, I post stuff here every week - and I think it’s good stuff...that’s why I post it - but when I know I am in a competition with many other extremely talented folks out there...well, I guess I give my work an extra layer of scrutiny (or 10).

And truthfully, I could spend an eternity trying to select that one image that perfectly captures the essence of any particular element.  But the contest has a deadline, so I don’t have an eternity to get it together!  

So here we go with my 4 images of the 4 elements.  I hope you enjoy the post today - and the images - and if you happen to know the judges, go ahead and give them a thumbs-up on my work, would ya?  :-)

Earth - represents the hard, solid objects of the earth

A view over Tent Rocks in New Mexico - observing the hoodoos and the distant mesa

Water - represents the fluid, flowing, formless things in the world

A wave comes to shore during a stunning sunset in La Jolla, CA

Fire - represents the energetic, forcing, moving things in the world

A hot air balloon takes flight in Austin, TX

Air - represents things that grow, expand and enjoy freedom of movement

The cloudy sky explodes with color over Town Lake in Austin

And no contest entry is complete without also nominating 5 other photographers and/or bloggers to join in the fun, so here are my 5 nominations - all friends of mine and all talented photographers in their own right:

  1. Len Saltiel - http://lensaltiel.com/blog
  2. Andy Atmtx - http://blog.atmtxphoto.com/
  3. Jimi Jones - http://www.jimijonesvisuals.com/
  4. Rob Hanson - https://robhanson.wordpress.com/
  5. Pete Talke - https://places2explore.wordpress.com/

And for all the info you need to learn about this contest, the prizes, the judges, etc - just click thru the link below.  Join in the fun yourself, while you’re at it!


Thanks for stopping by today!