The beauty of Glasgow

Glasgow is a beautiful city, despite what you may have heard.  I love it there!

glasgow city chambers during a lovely sunset

I love Glasgow, I really do.  I have been there something like 5-6 times now, and always enjoy it.  It doesn't get a lot of respect compared to other well known cities around the UK, but I love it there.  Even within Scotland, I think most people tend to hear about Edinburgh - which is gorgeous - but fewer head to Glasgow for a visit.  

I think they should.

doctor who?

i have no idea what this is all about, but it caught my eye for some reason!

While it has working-class roots and charm, it also has quite a bit of arts and culture as well.  I've visited amazing museums there and enjoyed fabulous meals.  The architecture is incredible in some spots, and the people are delightful.  I hope to return.

I was there earlier this year, and things being what they are with me, I made time to get out with the camera and fire away.  That's not really a surprise.  But what surprised me, upon returning home and looking back on the photos I had collected, was that I shot the town a bit differently on that visit.  

I didn't use the wide-angle lens, and I didn't shoot as much of the "big things" there as I have in the past.  I just shot what I saw, whenever it caught my attention.  And a lot of different things caught my attention.

choosing a car on the train

at the university

loved the colors here!

the kelvingrove, a fabulous museum!

So that is what is in today's post - just a collection of seemingly random and unrelated photos from across different part of this fine Scottish city.  If given the chance, I highly recommend a visit.  You won't regret it!

And for all the Americans reading this, I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday this week.  I am taking the rest of the week off, so I will be back next week sharing more goodness from my travels.  I spent last week in San Francisco, so more new stuff coming from there as soon as I can get it processed.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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an alley that leads to a great place for fish and chips!

so yeah, I stopped for a beer!