Catching a train in Copenhagen

Boy do I ever love European train stations!

I've said that here many times before, and it remains true - European train stations just really have a hold on me!  There is something about them that I absolutely love.  Perhaps it's what they represent: the idea of travel, of hopping at the last minute onto a train bound for a new destination, or returning to a treasured favorite.  Maybe it's the cavernous interiors and the stunning architecture.  Maybe it's something else entirely that I haven't put my finger on yet.

Whatever it is, it just draws me in.

Which reminds me that I wrote this long post about my whole addiction to train stations over a year ago.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

I've been in Copenhagen Central Station several times now with a camera - and each time I come back with different shots than before.  My preference is to arrive early on a weekend morning, when you can skip the weekday work rush of commuters.  It's just better when it's not crowded.

As you know, I tend to prefer generally empty scenes.  In addition to enjoying it more when I have it to myself (it's quieter and more peaceful, it's easier to think about your shots, and you don't have people in front of things you want to photograph), I also, artistically speaking, just like to show places without a horde of tourists there so you can actually see the thing I am photographing.  I prefer to show you the whole scene, if possible.

While having people in an image can improve it at times (depending on what you are trying to convey, I guess), I still err on the side of wanting things empty.  It's just what I like, I guess.  Then again, I'm becoming more introverted as I get older, so maybe I'm just being fussy.  :-)

But these shots were taken on a weekday evening back in March.  I was actually heading to a customer event at Tivoli Gardens, and was early enough that I had some spare time on my hands.  Since I was toting along my camera, I figured I might as well wander to the train station and get a few shots.  It's always fun to explore a place like this, right?

Well, I'm glad I did!

On my previous visits, somehow I completely missed the shots of the front with the digital clock display all lit up and showing the current time, as well as the tracks coming at you and the bits of graffiti.  I had always entered from a different angle, so I had never seen this.  That's why it's good to return to familiar spots - you can always find something new there, or a new perspective on something that you think is "old news".

I also missed Vesterport Station on previous visits, which is literally a few hundred feet away from Central Station, and, for photographic purposes, is well worth a quick stop.  I loved that sign on top shining bright, deep into blue hour with the bright red letters across the top of the station.  How can you NOT love something like that?