Firing away in downtown Austin

I've been home a bit lately, and I'm taking advantage of it!

the skyline of austin from auditorium shores - my favorite place to photograph the skyline!

Though I have been on a few planes and thus out of town a decent amount in the last few months, the total amount of travel I've had to do for work has been lower lately.  Knowing that I'm a bit of a fan of traveling, you might think that this would be a bad thing for me.  But in reality, I have really enjoyed being here.  I have gotten out to shoot Austin more in the last couple of months than I did in the last couple of years!

Part of this is driven by me having moved over to the Sony A7II camera.  Having a new toy definitely makes me want to get out and put it to use, and it also makes me want to revisit some spots that I don't necessarily feel like I did justice to in the past.  Plus, I just like to take photos.  I think that's pretty obvious at this point.  :-)

underneath the 1st street bridge downtown

the pfluger pedestrian bridge over town lake

But, I'm also working on an Austin photo project of sorts that I will be revealing as soon as I can get closer to completion - probably around the first of the year.  I'm having fun taking photos of a lot of Austin lately.  Let's just leave it at that for now.  :-)

And of course, I have my list of the Top Photo Spots in Austin, which I can probably add a few more things to at this point (and I have a list on my phone of several more I still need to get to!)  All of this will come into play in my project I am working on.  Ok, more on that later.

But to clarify, this won't turn into an Austin-only photo blog.  No way.  As much as I love this town, I'm always happy to get up and go somewhere, camera in hand.  I'm way too much of a traveler at heart to NOT travel.  I think I would go stir crazy if I didn't move around a bit!  While there are no concrete plans at the moment, as a family we are having a lot of discussions about future trips, so I am very confident that more will be coming.  Oh yeah, and of course work will require me to go a few places too.  

So keep tuning in and you can expect a lot of variety as I continue to go new places, and catch up on the monstrous backlog of awesomeness that I have captured over the years!  

Thanks for stopping by today and enjoy these Austin pics!

the congress avenue bridge with the austonian dominating the skyline

the skyline shot from the top of the hyatt hotel

another skyline view that I just couldn't resist!

i just love this view of town - shot from the pfluger pedestrian bridge

stevie ray vaughan