Some goodness from Seattle

Have you been to Seattle?  I think it's a beautiful city.

We spent a quick day/night in Seattle this past summer, as we were turning back to Texas and making the long drive home at the end of our summer of awesomeness.  The city deserves (and frankly, requires) quite a bit more time than we were able to give it, but it wasn't our first time there and likely won't be our last.  It was a short stop by design (sadly).

The primary thing we did was wander around Pike Place Market, and we did that a couple of times: sunset on the night we arrived, and the following morning before we departed.  I was rather pleased with how the sunset turned out, and rather pleased that I had my camera with me (though you wouldn't really expect me not to, right?).

So today's pics are a handful from that evening's sunset, all taken at Pike Place Market, and mostly of the signs there, which I love.  I actually have a large backlog of photos that I have processed from past trips (San Francisco, Copenhagen, Glasgow, France, etc), and I am trying to work them into the blog here when I can.  This isn't exactly a chronological blog in any way, so I tend to mix things up anyways.  It makes it more fun for me, and hopefully you enjoy the varied assortment.  Plus, I am a little scatter-brained at times.  :-)

Anyways, I am currently distracted with working on pics from my recent trip to Norway and Scotland, which was an awesome trip by the way, thanks for asking!  :-)  I have a dozen or so processed from Norway and I will be sharing those soon, so be sure and come back for a look.  

Thanks for clicking by today!