A stunning Glasgow sunset

Sometimes you just get great light, and that's over half the battle.

As photographers, we are constantly chasing the light, or at least hoping we get some that is worthwhile.  And photography is (rather obviously) all about the light.  So when you show up and it turns out like it did on this evening, well that's a pretty special thing.

I had spent this day wandering around many parts of Glasgow with my good friend Mike Murphy, and we had some rain and clouds at various points in the day.  I'm never really opposed to that, since rain generally means clouds, and clouds mean you have a chance at some drama in the sky.

And if there is a little drama in the sky at sunset, and the sun breaks through, you get stuff like this, which was pretty awesome.  So don't give up hope when there is some rain in the forecast.  I've gotten lucky more often while shooting right after a storm, and you often find that you have a place to yourself anyways, since all the tourists head inside at the first drop.

This was back in April of this year, and I hope I can return to Glasgow some day.  Having been there 5 times or so over the years, I've grown rather fond of the place. It's more of a working class city compared to Edinburgh, but that's part of what I love about it.  But due to some changes at work, it's unlikely work will send me that way anytime soon (although I did go to Aberdeen, so no complaints about that).  So we will have to see.  Until that time comes, I will have to remind myself what it's like by looking at all my Glasgow pictures I've taken there over the years.  Its not quite like being there, but it's fun to look back on past adventures anyways, right?