Hay's Galleria in London

I just love when I stumble upon places like this!

I think London is a great city, and it's obviously a fantastic place to tote a camera around in.  This is a perfect example.  I was walking down along the South Bank of the Thames River in Central London, headed toward the area known as Southwark.  That's pretty close to the Tower Bridge, if that's a better frame of reference for you.

When I wander, I am always scanning left and right, looking for things to shoot.  In this case, on my left was the river, which is always interesting to me.  But also when you are on the South Bank, you have some pretty incredible views of the the city.  That means I was pretty distracted by all the awesomeness on my left.

So in other words, I likely miss a lot of things on my right.  :-)

But, I was fortunate enough to catch sight of this place, and in I wandered.  It didn't take me but a second or two to realize I needed to set up and fire some shots here - and I did (though I guess that's pretty obvious at this point).  It's got a few offices, restaurants, and shops, along with a few stalls set that are selling this and that.

So here you go - a small collection of pics from Hay's Galleria in London. Check it out if you are nearby, and bring the camera!

Had to get a closeup of this fountain, b/c it was pretty strange!