More from the San Antonio Riverwalk

I find this part of San Antonio just fascinating - and beautiful!

If you read my last post about San Antonio, you may recall that I mentioned I had a bunch more photos to share.  So, I am back with another 12 shots, all taken along the Riverwalk, San Antonio's major tourist attraction (well, not counting The Alamo, but hey I have a pic of that today too!).  I recently was able to process these, and wanted to share.

Note that I have also been building up my gallery site for San Antonio, which you can find here.  It's currently sitting at 45 pics, and I have plenty more to process and upload, so keep checking back if you are interested!  I've spent a lot of time building up all my galleries on my SmugMug site, and it's growing exponentially.  Take a look!

Isn't that just beautiful??  And in the early morning, it's just completely calm and peaceful.

Back to today's post...

Of course you will not see tourists in these shots (well, except in one case - that photo at the very bottom was taken at night) because I got up early one Sunday morning to go shoot this without distraction.  It was awesome!  And, if a quick scan of the shots in my library is any indication, I was quite successful in getting a lot of great photos.  I just need the time to process them.  So I'll be back some other time with even more pics from here!

Today's photo tour includes several of the little bridges that you inevitably encounter while wandering here (it's a river, after all, and people are always shuttling from one side to the other for a shop, restaurant, or bar - mostly for a bar!).  I love shooting bridges anyways, so that's a natural subject for me.  They're great subjects, and they never move.  :-)

So enjoy the photos, thanks for stopping by, and let me know if you have any questions!

This is the Arneson River Theater, where they often have live performances...

...and here it is, converted to a painting with the help of Topaz Simplify.  So fun!

If I have to tell you what this is, then you wouldn't make a very good Texan!  :-)

One of my favorite spots to shoot along the Riverwalk - I just love the look of this scene.

Here's a little closer view, courtesy of me twisting the zoom dial a little bit.

I just couldn't resist - I really enjoy converting some of my shots to paintings.  I think it works well here, yes?

And a vertical orientation, just 'cause I can!

These stairs at La Villita sit opposite the Arneson River Theater which you saw above.  People sit here and watch the performances.  But in the wee hours of the morning?  Empty!

Another calm morning scene along the Riverwalk.  I spent a while here just soaking it in!

I pretty much just turned the camera to the right after that last shot, and this is what I saw.  Click!

And this is the one photo that has a bunch of tourists in it.  What can I do?  It was 8pm or so, and everyone was out for dinner.  Even with all the folks, I still love the shot.  As you can see, there are riverboats which take tourists on river cruises and dinners too.  It's all pretty cool, actually.