Downtown Austin

I have a LOT of photos of Austin.  That's not something I am boasting about, like "look at me, I take a lot of photos", or any of that nonsense - it's just a fact.  I live here, and I shoot here when I can, and thus I end up with a lot of photos of this town that I love.  And I'm ok with having a lot of photos of Austin - that's why I take them.  It's a great town.

The downside is that I don't want to continually post Austin photos here, because this is not a blog about photos taken in Austin, specifically.  It's a blog about photos taken on my travels, generally speaking - and driving downtown from my home in Austin is not considered travel in my book. 

Am I just rambling here?

But with all the Austin photos, it's impossible NOT to post them sometimes.  In fact, I have a massive backlog of Austin photos that I need to process and at some point, post here.  I just prefer to mix things up and keep you guessing about where the next photos will be from.  It's more fun for me, and presumably, more interesting for you.  Am I right?

But today is a Friday, and I am at home, and I guess I just feel like getting a couple more Austin shots out there today.  Why not, right? 

So here are 3 shots, one from a long time ago (the power plant shot), and two taken from the same spot on the same day, but at different orientations and with much different processing.  I guess even if I post Austin shots, I can still mix things up a bit, huh?

They say variety is the spice of life.  Not sure any of this is "spicy" but you know what I'm sayin'.  Thanks for clicking by today!