Walking the canals of Copenhagen

DId you know there are canals in Copenhagen?  There are a few!

Copenhagen is no Venice or Amsterdam in terms of canals, but it has a few and it is a very beautiful city.  I love visiting Copenhagen, and am very thankful that I have been there twice now.  I hope I can return again some day.  Like I said, it's just beautiful.

On my last visit, I spent one afternoon wandering around with the camera (ok, more than one afternoon!) near Christiansborg Palace, which is awesome by the way.  Then again, I just LOVE palaces and castles, which is one of the reasons I love Europe so much.  It seems they are everywhere.

Oh, and churches too.  Europe has a few of those, and they're fabulous.

BTW, I have recently started using Intensify Pro by Macphun - it's amazing software that I use to edit my photos.  You can read my full review here.  It's really a fabulous product and I am starting to use it a LOT!

It wasn't raining that afternoon, but the skies were threatening the whole time, which is actually ok with me.  I prefer a little drama in the sky - beats a boring old clear blue sky any day of the week.  I enjoy a clear blue sky if I am having a picnic or something, but when it comes to photography, I'll take a dramatic, cloudy sky any time!

Well one of these Danish canals essentially circles the Palace, so after shooting the architecture, I strolled over here and fired away.  It's so refreshing to see stuff like this - keep in mind that I live in Texas, so this is not a normal sight for a guy like me.

We have a big world out there, and exploring it with the camera is just so fulfilling to me.  I hope you enjoy the photos and don't mind my little ramblings that come along with it!

I couldn't resist this little tobacco shop - too cool.