Afternoon at The Parthenon

This is a great place to shoot in Nashville!

I go to Nashville a few times per year, and always try and bring the camera along if my schedule permits.  It's really a great town for photography.  And if you do plan a trip there, be sure and check out my list of the best places to shoot in Nashville.

One of the places that is very high on my list - and a personal favorite - is The Parthenon.  This is a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens, Greece.  It's pretty awesome to see, really.  And considering my love of architecture, you can probably see why it's a place I enjoy shooting.

On my most recent trip to Nashville, I had a little free time late one afternoon and so I darted over there to grab some shots.  I do that on nearly every visit - I like it that much.

As I walked to a spot I wanted to shoot from, I noticed another photographer there shooting, and so I walked around him (don't want to step in anyone's shot!) and set up somewhat nearby.  We made some small talk and at some point we realized we "knew" each other from Facebook and the general online photo community.  It was Curt Fleenor, who was in town from his home in Virginia.  Small world!  And of course, it's always great to meet people in person that you only previously knew online.  So go check out Curt's work, as he is very talented.

See the person in red?  That gives you some idea of the size of this place!