Wandering the streets of Dublin

Dublin is one of my favorite cities to travel to - it's just got so much personality.

I have said here many times that I love Dublin, and you will probably hear that a lot in the future.  It's true - it's just a great little city. There's a lot to see, a lot to do, and of course my favorite - lots to photograph! (Oh, and the Guinness is tasty!)

One thing I really recommend when traveling is to get up early and wander the streets at sunrise.  In my experience, that's the best time to get out and shoot, especially in busy, touristy cities.

Normally I stay in a hotel near the main things I want to photograph, and then get up early and head out.  It's not always easy to get up, but when I am done, I always think that it was well worth it.  All the tourists are usually sleeping in, and you frequently have the streets all to yourself.

So here's a few from one morning in Dublin while I was out and about, doing my thing.  See any tourists?  Me neither. :-)