Painting Big Ben

Have you used Topaz Simplify yet?  You gotta try it folks!

There's nothing more fun than getting a little jolt of creativity.  Are you with me?  When I get inspired, I start creating, and then create more, and it just snowballs.  I love that.

But it's not always like that.

I tend to get creativity in bursts.  Sometimes I am on, and admittedly sometimes I am off. Lately I have been feeling a little off.  I hope it doesn't reflect in things I share here, but it's hard to hide.  This is me writing from the heart, and if I am not all fired up about something, I am sure it shows.  That's part of being an artist I guess.

Recently, I got myself a copy of Topaz Simplify, which allows you to convert your photos into works of art, whether it's an oil painting, a watercolor, a sketch, or something else.  It's very fun, and perhaps more importantly it has inspired me quite a bit!

In fact, I just couldn't stop I wrote up a review of the product here on the blog and if you are interested, you can read that review here.

So, today's post is a trio of images I previously took in London.  I've been there several times thankfully (I love the city) and take a lot of shots when I go.  I decided to give some of my Big Ben photos the Topaz Simplify treatment, and that's what you find here today.

Cool, right?